Syrinx was a nymph in Greek mythology, who followed the goddess Artemis. The god Pan tried to seduce her, so she asked some river nymphs to help her escape. As a result, she was transformed into reeds that made a horrible sound when Pan would blow across them.

Pan took the reeds, cut them in appropriate lengths and turned them into pan pipes, which were named syrinx since then.


SYRINKS (Daria Noryńska) 

is the Polish panflute player and painter, born on 12.07.1987 in Ozimek. She completed the music centre playing accordion.
Being interested in the pan flute since early childhood, only since 2004 she has had her first nai (Romanian name of a panflute).
Since 2018, she has been taking regular lessons  in Czech at the highly appreciated mistress Liselotte Rokyta and single lessons at such masters as Vasile Raducu, Madalin Luca and Dumitru Harea. Since 2021, she has been taking regular lessons by Ion Malcoci from Moldavia and attends a private music school in Opole “Preludium”.
She participates in the annual festival ‘Bozska fletna’ in Czechia, where she listens to masterful concerts and she takes lessons.
In 2019 she was awarded the main prize and diploma of completion of the master’s course ‘Panflute Masterclass by Zamfir’s Students’ in Sibiu (Romania), conducted by the best students of G. Zamfir (i.e. Radu Nechifor, Flavius Tinica, Gheorghe Rizea, Ruxandra Pitulice, Liselotte Rokyta).

My panflutes

bass pear Gibonus

alt bamboo Preda