NAI. A textbook for learning to play the Romanian Panflute

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Polish language

author: Daria Noryńska

paperback book

format: A4

pages: 212

Publisher: SYRINKS Art & Music Daria Noryńska

Edition: I, Zębowice 2022

ISBN 978-83-964695-0-2

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“NAI. A textbook for learning to play the Romanian Panflute ” – is a textbook containing a compendium of knowledge about this instrument.
In the book you will find the necessary information about playing the instrument, its history and musical culture in Romania, panflute construction, cleaning and maintenance, Romanian playing technique, the rules of music and the basics of notation, scale construction, technical exercises for each of the keys described. And also folk, popular, Romanian and Polish pieces, as well as etudes and classics. There is a music glossary at the end of the book.
The structure of the textbook was developed on the basis of the increasing difficulty of the exercises and the literature for the instrument, assuming systematic work on the instrument.

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