Panflute Gibonus Syrinks tenor

1,740.00 z Vat

Producent: Gibonus

22 tubes (c1- c4)

G major



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It is a model made to special order by SYRINKS from Gibonus. This instrument is made of cherry wood which gives a warm sound somewhat similar to bamboo. Labium and mouthpiece in the Zamfirs style, where the outside of the player is slightly higher than the inside. The diameter of the tubes here is a bit wider than in standard Gibonus panflutes, similar to Romanian panflutes.

The Panflute Syrinks is a high-end instrument, tuned with beeswax, which is the best tuning. The instrument is varnished several times.

They have no holes at the bottom and the stiffening foot is at the bottom.

A recommended instrument for every musician, especially for a concert performer.

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